Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We got our Christmas pictures. Cilee is so photogenic. I just love this girl to pieces. She is so funny. I love to look at the poses she makes in the mirror. She has this head tilt that just cracks me up! She is eating some solids and it is so fun to watch all of the firsts that happen in her life. Her favorite of the week is beans. Oh how she wolf them down. She wants to eat everything we eat and its hard for me not to share with her.
She like to be entertained. I tend to be on the boring side... Its true I like a routine. She like tons of screaming kids running around in a circle ... entertaining her. She loves grandma and papas house. They have a 3 legged cat. This cat is quick but tires easily. One day The Squeels (Cilees nick name) got a hold of the kitty she had fist fulls of hair and was in heaven! Poor kitty but so funny. Now we scramble to try and teach her SOFT SOFT be nice. She loves waving. If she is sitting just right she likes waving with her feet.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I can't believe that she is old enough to eat food. She loves mashed potatoes. They are her favorite. She like all fruits and is selective on the veggies she eats. She likes to feed herself. Anything that she can pick up and put in her mouth she is in heaven. She is now pulling herself up and scooting along on the furniture. She says Hi mostly in the morning when she wakes me up. She waves and makes all kinds of noises. I love this girl. She is so much fun.

Cilee and her boots


The fussy Cilee

Here is my catch up blog. Cilee was a fussy baby. She was only happy if you were up and walking around with her. When I would put her on her stomach she would be rather mad at me. But then she started rolling around. This made her not so frustrated. Which made my life a lot easier. I could go to the bathroom and not feel bad that I had a screaming baby in the other room that needed me. Then she started crawling and my whole world changed. She is so happy. She is the baby I thought all babies were like. She is happy and fun and she smiles and has a cute little crawl. When she crawls she points her toes out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July

We had a great 4th. We went barging which is like boating but with rafts. Then we went to the 4th of July firework show that Idaho falls puts on. I know I was thinking Idaho can't be that great..... But boy was I wrong. They put on a good show! We were afraid Cilee would cry the whole time. But she didn't she loved it. I think she likes the lights which makes us think, Great.. now what kind of a mobile should we get her? We went with friends and family. Our friends Dave and Alix saved us a spot. Cilee really likes Alix. I think shes her BFF. Dan had a great idea of putting shooting muffs on her ears, just in case it was to loud but she was great with the noise. We had a great 4th and look forward to next years.

3 Months Big.

My little girl is getting all big on me! Please say that with the most hickish accent. She is 3 months old I can't believe it. Got a confession I am not really a fan of the newborns. They scare me with there crying and pooping and making sure they are peeing. I think I just lived her first 2 months in terror. Then she got older and her head wasn't going to snap off. Lovely we made it. I like this stage. I love it. We have lots of fun together. We try that whole eat, play, nap thing. Sometimes it works sometimes we say bag it, or hang it in your ear. And when I say we I mean Cilee. She likes what she likes. She is smiling now which makes my heart melt and its not just gas. She is cooing and talking a little. Yesterday she said mama but I think it was a fluke. Papa Daryl swears she said hi to him twice. She also winks at him. I think she knows he will take her fishing and four wheeler rides when she gets older. She is a good baby that likes her alone time. Mostly for naps and bedtime. She loves her baths and when we take our baths together we are 5 and 2. 5 meaning the number of times she has not given me a brown shower (well greenish)in the tub and 2 that she has. She was real proud of herself after, and who wouldn't be! She is almost rolling over. She likes arching her back. She loves her daddy and playing with his facial hair. He gets a lot of attention with that, I am almost thinking I am going to start growing mine out. What I like the attention from her! She likes her binkies. We should start a dental fund right now. She sleeps with her arms over her head. She liked to be swaddled the first week then that was over real quick when she found out she could stretch. I would wake up during the night and she had arms out all over the place. One night her arm was straight out next to her ear. She really likes listening to Lullaby's on Pandora. Its nice and calming to her. Well that is a update on my little Cilee.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Depending on which side of the family I am talking to "She looks like you or she looks like Dan". I'm not sure who she looks like. Sometimes I think shes my girl but that is mostly after she burps real big then laughs about it. The other day I made a baby noise at her and it scared her and her eyes went really big like Dans. Which I am totally ecstatic about. I think Dan has really pretty eyes. I let you guys decide who she looks like the most. Also I was 10 lbs when I was born. I love my butter ball baby pics!